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Welcome to Tilly’s Table  —  here you’ll find seasonal baking recipes, Australian-made linens and cards, and other good things for your home and table.

Hello! I’m Tilly  –  a food writer and photographer based in the Blue Mountains, Australia. Here, in between chasing kids around, I photograph food and flowers and write seasonal baking recipes for my website and other publications. My photographs are available as greeting cards and table linens via my online store, and I share seasonal baking recipes and family stories via my monthly newsletter. My first cookbook The Plain Cake Appreciation Society  will be published in July this year and you can preorder it here.

So, please pull up a chair, let me make you a cup of tea (wouldn’t that be nice?) and have a look around…

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Seasonal Recipes

Citrus Melting Moments

These citrus melting moments are cheering in the extreme. Just the thing with a cup of tea ...
20. June 2023/by Tilly Pamment

Cinnamon Buns

Warm from the oven, these sweet buns really are a delight. They're also very simple to make ...
14. October 2022/by Tilly Pamment

Pistachio Cake with Rhubarb Buttercream

This cake combines quite a few of my favourite things – pistachios, rhubarb, and a hint of rose – and is also in my favourite colour-way, green and pink. Because who doesn’t feel cheerful in the face of pink icing?
6. May 2022/by Tilly Pamment

Rhubarb & Raspberry Trifle

I have one final sweet offering for you before I sign off for Christmas and a few weeks of eating too much and doing too little - a rather impressive Rhubarb & Raspberry Trifle (if I do say so myself).
23. December 2021/by Tilly Pamment

Meringues with Roasted Strawberries & Rosewater Cream

These meringues are exactly what I want to be eating at the moment. The weather has finally warmed up here and I feel like clouds of whipped cream, syrupy strawberries and crisp meringue. 
17. December 2021/by Tilly Pamment

Fruit Mince & Frangipane Pies

Fruit mince pies are one of the items on my mandatory Christmas cook-list (along with gingerbread and meringues) - my mum always makes them in the days leading up to Christmas and it is a tradition I have adopted also.
10. December 2021/by Tilly Pamment

Passionfruit Butter Cake

The Plain-Cake Appreciation Society {edition 30} - a Passionfruit Cake and playing favourites.
27. October 2021/by Tilly Pamment

Pistachio & Rose Cake

The Plain-Cake Appreciation Society {edition 22}, Pistachio and Rose Cake.
20. August 2021/by Tilly Pamment

Sour Cherry & Shiraz Brownies

Years ago, when I ran a cake stall at the Bondi Farmers' Market, double chocolate brownies were my best seller. I would make trays and trays of them on Friday night and inevitably wish I had made one more tray when they sold out early the next morning.
31. March 2021/by Tilly Pamment

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