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Welcome to Tilly’s Table  —  here you’ll find seasonal baking recipes, Australian-made table linens and prints, and other good things for your home and table.

Hello! I’m Tilly  –  a cook and photographer based in the Blue Mountains, Australia, with my husband and two small children. Here, in between chasing kids around, I photograph food and flowers and write seasonal baking recipes for my website and online store. My photographs are available as greeting cards, limited edition prints and luxurious table linens via my online store, and I share seasonal baking recipes and family stories via my monthly newsletter. So, please pull up a chair, let me make you a cup of tea (wouldn’t that be nice?) and have a look around…

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Seasonal Recipes

Sugared Citrus & Semolina Cake

A simple, sturdy drizzle-cake that can be made with whatever citrus you have on hand. I’ve made versions with lemon, lime and bergamot (after impulse buying a glorious box of bergamots online…) and all work beautifully.
10. September 2021/by Tilly Pamment

Pistachio & Rose Cake

The Plain-Cake Appreciation Society {edition 22}, Pistachio and Rose Cake.
20. August 2021/by Tilly Pamment

Burnt-butter sheet cake with blackberry buttercream

The Plain-Cake Appreciation Society {edition 15}, Burnt-butter Sheet Cake with Blackberry Buttercream.
25. June 2021/by Tilly Pamment

Sour cherry & Shiraz brownies

Years ago, when I ran a cake stall at the Bondi Farmers' Market, double chocolate brownies were my best seller. I would make trays and trays of them on Friday night and inevitably wish I had made one more tray when they sold out early the next morning.
31. March 2021/by Tilly Pamment

Double chocolate loaf cake

Welcome to this week's meeting of 'The Plain-Cake Appreciation Society'. It seems only fitting that this week I give you a chocolate offering - the proximity to Easter and the weather positively demand it - and who am I to stand in the way of chocolate cake?
26. March 2021/by Tilly Pamment

Apricot & sultana hot cross buns

It's a slippery-slope that first hot cross bun of the season. A steep descent towards carbohydrate-induced haze, but one I happily slide (earlier, and earlier) each year.
23. March 2021/by Tilly Pamment

Browned-butter cake with cumquat glaze

Introducing 'The Plain-Cake Appreciation Society' - a club for connoisseurs of uncomplicated bakes, simple cakes the general appreciation of pausing daily for tea and cake. Sound good?
11. March 2021/by Tilly Pamment

Semolina & Lime Drizzle Cake

Our lime and lemon trees are laden with fruit at the moment. This is making me feel quite smug - as I can duck out to the courtyard and pluck a few juicy limes or lemons whenever the fancy strikes. O is making the most of it, managing to consume her own weight in fresh lemonade most days, and Kip is not adverse to eating them straight from the tree...
25. September 2020/by Tilly Pamment

Mandarin & Earl Grey Madeleines

In an inverse relationship to their size, small cakes hold a big place in my heart. For me, there is just something immensely likeable about them. Maybe it has something to do with nostalgia and the fact that they so easily transport you back to childhood - when the ultimate treat was a cupcake with pink icing, or better yet, a butterfly cake - or maybe it is that being small in size you feel less guilty about eating them and can therefore eat them without constraint...
5. July 2020/by Tilly Pamment

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