potato and anchovy bites


if one word were to sum up my eating habits over the last few months, it would have to be ‘indulgent’ (alternately, i could do it in three words: too much cake!).

it wasn’t a deliberate thing, it just seemed to work out that way.

first there was december and with it, christmas baking –
i started the first week of the month and carried on right through until christmas.
then came new years – always festive – and not, i feel, a time for restraint.
and then hello january and instead of the usual health-related resolutions
came much chocolate cake testing – i was making my friend’s wedding cake you see, and wanted it to be the perfect chocolate-y balance.

so really, to cut a long story short, too much cake was eaten.

in light of this, and the lovely warm weather we have been experiencing,
i thought a savoury dish was in order – something easy, light, and tasty…



still colloquially classified as a ‘cake’ (which to me only added to the fun!) these little potato and anchovy bites seemed to fit the bill, especially when served with a crunchy, fresh salad and vibrant greener-than-green sauce.

they were tasty, light and easy – the perfect antidote to the last few months of sweet excess.

images and recipe © tilly pamment 2014


a little note on the ceramics:  these beautiful handmade ceramics are by the talented guys at The Fortynine Studio, check out their website here to look at the other great stuff they’re doing!
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