fried squid & tzatziki


i love seafood. i love to eat it, i love to cook it, and i even quite like catching it (admittedly not very often, nor very well). however, there is just one thing i really don’t like: cleaning it.

i turn all squeamish and helpless at the prospect and quickly hand it over to the nearest seafood-savvy person. not very cool, or adult i know, but there you have it.




yesterday however, i set myself a challenge:
i wanted to make fried squid, a dish we enjoyed often (ok, everyday) on our recent trip to greece and i wanted to make it from scratch.

after a morning trip to the fish market we returned home with 4 lovely, whole, uncleaned squid – and for the record, i did not ask my boyfriend to clean them.
big step. huge. (it’s at this point that i probably should also confess that part of the reason i bought whole squid, not the pre-prepared ones, was that they looked so pretty! all shiny and magenta spotted, it was a purely aesthetic choice! ha!)

cleaning the squid was really no bother and after my initial reluctance, it was relatively quick and fuss free. once cleaned, i sliced the squid into rings, dusted them in flour and fried them until deliciously golden and crunchy. we ate ours with a nicely garlic-y tzatziki and a lovely fresh greek salad.

ah, greece, how i miss you.

images © tilly pamment 2013


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