peaches, honey & yoghurt

panna cotta 1

thick, creamy yoghurt, sweet, juicy peaches, and sticky thyme-scented honey –

this was my breakfast each morning whilst we were in greece and i think these summery flavours and sweet peachy scent will forever remind me of our idyllic holiday on the sunny little island of sifnos.



sifnos was the third of five stops on our recent overseas holiday and a welcome little idyl after the heat of dubai and hustle and bustle of athens.

the thing i loved most about sifnos (apart from the obvious attractions of sun, salt and sea) was the notion of ‘island time’ – slowly and leisurely was the pace du jour and it was bliss.

we woke late, ate breakfast overlooking the sea and then swam, slept and ate the days away. after 10 days we were supremely relaxed, well-read, well-fed and generally a little more golden.

panna cotta 2

this sunday past, in a bid to hold on to my golden greek memories (and with a bowlfull of new season white peaches on my table) i set about making a dessert to take us back to our time on sifnos.

honey and yoghurt panna cotta with cinnamon and peaches seemed to do the trick – although i do think that there is certainly something about the sifnos seaside that must enhance peachy, summery flavours…
for sydney in spring though, these weren’t half bad!

here’s to little pots of honey-yoghurt sunshine and greek island dreams…


images © tilly pamment 2013
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2 thoughts on “peaches, honey & yoghurt

  1. You have just caused me to crave for the best nut in the world, the pistachio. Yummmmm.

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