coffee, spice & caramel


not quite ready to let my memories of Dubai and the melting-pot of cultures i found it to be fade, last week i made a dessert that was itself an eclectic mix:

one part middle-eastern, one part italian and one part french, it admittedly sounds like a strange mix i know, but bear with me…




affogato 3

inspired by the traditional arabic coffee, spices and delicious dates that we sampled in Dubai, this is my middle-eastern take on the classic italian affogato.

in it i wanted to team the flavour of arabic coffee, with its lovely cardamom scent, with my new found love of dates and my ongoing love affair with caramel.

taking inspiration from the middle-eastern tradition of serving coffee with a little sweet treat (commonly a date or two) i thought i’d kill two birds with one stone and put the dates into the coffee cup too – by way of a generous scoop of spiced date ice-cream.

the method: top a little puddle of salted caramel with a scoop of spiced date ice-cream and pour over a deliciously strong shot of coffee. eat immediately.

the result: sweet caffeinated-heaven in a cup
(also known as spiced date and caramel affogato).

images © tillypamment 2013


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