tarting around

apricot 2

apricot 3

apricot 5

i have written before about my love of a good tart on sunday…

and fortuitously for me, this weekend i was able to indulge in just such a delight.

due to unfortunate weather conditions (hello rain, i’m looking at you),
my market stall was quieter than usual this week –
which led to a little box of leftovers for us to take home and eat
(oh no, what a shame!)

fortunately these little apricot and almond tarts were no great hardship to eat,
and were quite a welcome addition to our sunday morning ritual:

papers… check, coffee… check, tarts… check!

sunday morning tarting –
really what’s not to love?

images © tilly pamment
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4 thoughts on “tarting around

  1. I agree – I like tarts too, but now I filling them not by apricots but strawberries and cherries… season for them lasts so short that I eat them during whole June! 🙂
    But your tart looks so beautiful that I almost can smell it 🙂

    PS. Dainty pictures!

  2. these are absolutely gorgeous! I’m envious of your pictures.. and your tarts!

  3. Thank you Lucy! There were plenty to share!!!!

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