carrots and cream cheese

carrot cake 1

carrot cake 2

carrot cake 3

i have always been partial to a good slice of carrot cake.

when i was little i’m sure it had a lot to do with my fondness for cream cheese icing, and very little to do with any great love of the cake itself.

however, as i have gotten older (and unfortunately by no means wiser),
i have grown increasingly fond of the good old carrot and its rather pivotal role in the carrot cake.

last week after walking past one too many bakery cake counters,
i found myself in need of a carotene hit –
however, not wanting a big cake (and the committed eating that goes with it),
i made these miniatures instead: little carroty cuties that could be eaten in one mouthful!

they proved a hit in my house:
sitting just the right side of light, carroty and delicately spiced –
although i have to admit their appeal may still have had something to do with the delicious cheese-cakey cream cheese icing.

but hey, the cake wasn’t half bad either!

so here’s cheers to the humble carrot –
may it live long, grow deep and form an integral part of many a good cake!

images © tilly pamment 2013
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