can i pay you in macarons?

it appears that in the country these little french lovelies are legal tender.
macarons 1

macarons 2

macarons 4

recently i finished up my full-time job,
and feeling a little frazzled and in need of a break,
i retreated home to the country for a week.

apart from the requisite tea-drinking and dog walking
there was only one thing i was required to do –
in payment for my stay, i was to compensate my parents with a batch of macarons.

recently these tricky little biscuits have become somewhat of a favourite among my family  –
so my sugar-thermometer and piping bag were dutifully packed
and off to the country i tripped.

really, a batch of macarons is fairly cheap rent for a week in the country, i think.
(especially one that included a weekend camping trip to the beach!)
i reckon i got off lightly.
even more so since i can happily say that macarons happen to be one of my favourite biscuits to bake. (shhh!)

they can be a little (ok a lot) temperamental and fiddly to make,
but the end result i think makes it all worth while.

especially ones that are filled with delicious gooey salted caramel.

images © tilly pamment 2013
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4 thoughts on “can i pay you in macarons?

  1. Miss Tilly….they look simply Divine!!

  2. Julia on said:

    Absolutely amazing Tilly! As always xx

  3. Ah Julz! You’re too kind! x

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