chocolate and raspberries

at this time of year i often find myself getting a little behind…
raspberry 1

raspberry 4

raspberry 5

what with christmas catch-ups, work getting busy and christmas shopping looming, i feel like i am always playing catch-up –
trying to fit too many things into too little time.

so what to do when it feels like the pace is getting a little too fast?

make chocolate and raspberry tart, that’s what!
it is a truly delicious way to slow down
(and let’s face it, after 2 slices of chocolate tart
there’s no way you can go fast anyway).

so last weekend, i slowed down and made a tart.
i stood still and made pastry, scenting it with cocoa and earl grey tea
and then filling the lovely crisp shell with velvety dark chocolate and raspberries.

now i fear i’m even further behind,
but at least i am well fed.

here’s to slowing down, chocolate-tart-style.

images © tilly pamment 2012  
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3 thoughts on “chocolate and raspberries

  1. Rich chocolate and raspberries…doesn’t get much better than that!

  2. hellsbells86 on said:

    Tilly! I’ve been meaning to ask…how did you go about scenting the earl grey into the pastry? Was it quite subtle?

  3. omg! raspberries and chocolate – amazing and delicious! 🙂

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