tea and cake

definitely two of my favourite things. especially on mondays.

i feel any day is made better by tea and cake,
but mondays in particular need all the help they can get!

this week my monday was given a helping hand in the delightful form
of madeira cake with passionfruit icing.

i have a real thing for passionfruit icing – its always been my favourite,
so much so that whatever sits underneath it be it cake or biscuit,
tends to play a supporting role (really just inert support for the icing).

however, i must say that this madeira cake did a stellar job in its supporting role –
it was neither too sweet, nor strongly flavoured that it took over,
but was pleasantly lemony and light and by no means boring.

it was the perfect accompaniment to my deliciously-zingy passionfruit icing,
and a when paired with a dainty cup of darjeeling tea,
it made even a dreary monday afternoon feel almost sunny.

thanks to nigella for her madeira cake recipe.
images © tilly pamment 2012
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4 thoughts on “tea and cake

  1. hellsbells86 on said:

    What tea did you pair this with Tilly? 🙂

  2. helen, i had a cup of T2 darjeeling! and mighty delicious it was too.

  3. I just adore the humble Medeira Cake with all eyes on tricky layered gateaux style creations at the moment there’s nothing better than the mouth feel of a simple Medeira. I’d love the icing recipe.

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