lemonade days

today was the perfect spring day, a real lemonade type of day.

the sun was shining, the air was warm, and i needed lemonade.

and not just any lemonade, i needed real lemonade –
not the fizzy stuff that comes in a plastic bottle,
but the stuff that’s made from, you know, actual lemons.

with this in mind, and a handy bowl of lemons on my table, i got to work.

with my lemons juiced, the next step was to make a simple sugar syrup.
to this i added some ribbons of lemon rind and let them infuse whilst cooling.
delightfully lemony-sweet syrup with which to sweeten my lemonade was the happy result.

the final step was to decant my lemonade mix into some little glass bottles,
(my opinion being that any beverage can be bettered by a little glass bottle)
top them with cool water and ice and pop in some lemon slices.

the result? perfect little pots of lemonade.
refreshingly tart and thirst-quenching good.

here’s to more lemonade days.

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2 thoughts on “lemonade days

  1. This looks so sweet Tilly. I love the styling.

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