rainbows for nanna

this morning it was cloudy. so i decided to make my own rainbow.

when we visited my nanna and grandad when we were little my nanna would sometimes make us a rainbow cake.
i think it is the only type of cake i can ever remember her baking.

it was a special cake, reserved for children’s birthdays only, and i loved that cake.

nanna’s rainbow cake was three layers of sponge: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla
held together with vanilla-ry whipped cream.
i think it was extra special because we didn’t see my nanna all that often –
we were country kids and nanna lived in the city –
but i have such fond memories of rainbow cake.

last week it was my birthday so in honour of my nanna
i decided i would make my own rainbow cake.
mine turned out a little more colourful than the original –
5 layers of vanilla cake stuck together with a generous slick of vanilla buttercream.

i have to say, i was pretty pleased with the result.
it was sunny and delicious.

adapted from the country women’s association recipe for rainbow cake.
images © tilly pamment
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2 thoughts on “rainbows for nanna

  1. what a beautiful colour icing 🙂

  2. akiko on said:

    very sweet. and it looks very sweet, too! 🙂

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