they call me tamarillo

there is something wonderfully exotic about tamarillos.

from their glossy-red skin and strange tomato-y inside,
to their piquantly fruity flavour and unique aroma –
tamarillos never fail to seem slightly bizaare and exciting to me.

my mum used to prepare them for us somethimes when we were kids –
blanching them whole in boiling water, peeling off the skins
and sprinkling the sliced flesh liberally with brown sugar.

after a couple of hours, the bowl would be full of brilliant-burgundy syrup
and sweet tamarillo slices, which we’d eat with bowls of vanilla ice-cream.
this tart is a slightly more grown-up (but equally delicious) version of that.

delicate almond frangipane and crisp flaky pastry work beautifully with
the slighty tart tamarillo slices and sweet, cinnamony star-anise syrup.
serve warm with vanilla bean ice-cream. sweet.

images © tilly pamment
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3 thoughts on “they call me tamarillo

  1. kathryn on said:

    looks like a lovely warm winter delight…… absolutely beautiful!

  2. thanks kathryn! it was pretty simple, but very delicious!

  3. Hey Tilly! Was lovely to meet you today at the workshop. I definitely learned a lot and hope to put the tips into practice (when I actually get a camera though haha). I’d love to stay in touch! I’ve listed everyone’s blog below for your convenience 🙂

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